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This mystery set is themed around cute anime and games with all of their ups & downs, twists & turns, and a whole lot of "JUST KISS ALREADY!!!!"

This is a Mystery Charm Set, which means the charms you get in the mail.... are a MYSTERY... mostly! We will select 3 random charms from this selection and send them out to you. If you like EVERYTHING in this set and can't decide anyway, this heavily discounted listing is perfect for you!

If you don't like everything but are willing to take a gamble- we gotchu covered too! You can select one preferred series from the drop-down menu, and we will guarantee at least one charm from that series makes it into your set.

Since this is a mystery set, any additional requests added in the notes may not be honored!

"Fluff 'n Stuff" 3 Mystery Charm Set

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